How to Stop Auto Debit From Axis Bank Credit Card

Stop Auto Debit From Axis Bank Credit Card Axis Bank not only encourages customers to use a variety of credit cards but also uses them. Axis Bank offers a variety of credit card offers. Credit card means when I want to buy any goods, I can make bill payments for the goods purchased through credit … Read more

How to Consolidated Charges In Axis Bank

Stop Consolidated Charges In Axis Bank In Axis Bank, most of the charges are taken as consolidated charges. Consolidated charge in Axis Bank is the charge received for sending SMS and if the check is returned, the charge is taken as a consolidated charge, if there is no minimum charge on the Axis bank account, … Read more

How to Reset Security Question In Axis Bank

Reset Security Question In Axis Bank Axis Bank is offering various new types of schemes to its customers. ATM Card, Mobile Banking, Net Banking, Savings Insurance registered by the customer in Axis Bank are all protected. This safe has a 4 digit or 6 digit number password set. For added security beyond that password, the … Read more

How to Cancel ECS Mandate In ICICI Bank Online

Cancel ECS Mandate In ICICI Bank Online At ICICI Bank, there are more facilities at the customer’s convenience. Also, the bank operates various types of savings schemes and loan schemes. A facility of automatic payment from their account on any date has been introduced to regularize the customer using savings and credit. This way we … Read more

How to Fill Bank of India Nomination Form in BOI

How to Fill Bank of India Nomination Form One thing that everyone asks is how to get nominated in Bank of India. A nominee is a person who is appointed to use his savings in a bank next to him. If the nominee account holder becomes disabled or dies, the entire amount becomes his liability … Read more

How to Link Syndicate Bank Account With Aadhaar Card

Link Aadhaar to Syndicate Bank Account The reason for linking Syndicate Bank Aadhaar card is security only. Linking Aadhaar card to syndicate bank account can prevent fraudsters from transferring money from one account to another. Because of Aadhaar card linking It makes it very clear who is using the syndicate bank account. Apart from that … Read more

Minor Account To Major Change In Canara Bank

Change Minor Account To Major In Canara Bank Canara Bank Transfer from Minor Account to Major Account is something every customer should know. Why they open a minor account, sometimes the education institutes makes you to open a bank account for some reason. Then the parents or guardians of the children open an account in … Read more