How to Link Syndicate Bank Account With Aadhaar Card

Link Aadhaar to Syndicate Bank Account

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The reason for linking Syndicate Bank Aadhaar card is security only. Linking Aadhaar card to syndicate bank account can prevent fraudsters from transferring money from one account to another. Because of Aadhaar card linking

It makes it very clear who is using the syndicate bank account. Apart from that many corporate transactions and unaccounted money transactions will be prevented by linking Aadhaar. Also open bank accounts and use Aadhaar to avail government benefits directly into bank accounts. Aadhaar is registered and his face fingerprint is addressed.

Syndicate Bank has come up with a scheme to link Aadhaar in a very simple way in a variety of ways. Linking Aadhaar Go directly to the bank and get the modification form from the bank manager, fill the motivation comming and attach the xerox copy of Aadhaar with it, if the bank manager gives the place, they will quickly link the bank accountant Aadhaar.

Then you can link your Aadhaar number with Syndicate Bank account through confirmation to your registered mobile number from the comfort of your home through the mobile application. Aadhaar Link has also brought the facility of enrolling the customer at the ATM machine with his ATM car along with many other facilities.

Aadhaar Link has also brought support through Syndicate Net Banking for quick linking to Syndicate Bank Account. Syndicate Bank can take the support by sending a normal SMS through the mobile number very simply. We can see them in detail here. Syndicate Bank account holder can do Aadhaar link in a very simple way if he has a normal mobile phone through registered mobile number.

Syndicate Bank Account Aadhaar Linking

Step: 1

Aadhaar linking is a simple process for Syndicate Bank account holders. First, open the normal SMS app.

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Step: 2

You have to select the option to send new information.

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Step: 3

Type the number 09241442255 in the To field.

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Step: 4

Customer ID, Bank account number, Aadhaar number in the comment field should be typed in this manner (ADR 234123 1234567890123 123443211234) and send 09241442255 number. Then the customer register number will be sent an SMS confirming their registration has been accepted and aadhaar linked confirmation will be sent within 7 working days. Register your aadhaar link syndicate bank account in this very simple way.

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How to Link Aadhaar to Syndicate Bank Account


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