How to Transfer Money from Bajaj Wallet to bank account.

Transfer Bajaj Wallet to Bank Account


Bajaj has something to grow. Now many types of options are given like online shopping, bill payment, etc. Similarly, Bajaj has set up many facilities like adding money to the wallet and shopping using the money in the wallet and transferring the money in the wallet to the bank account. This app also provides all types of bill payment facility.

This Bajaj app also has the facility to transfer money from our bank account to the Bajaj app for this amount of money. Sometimes when you pay the Bajaj app shopping bill through the website, a separate offer is given as cashback.

There are many types of apps like the Bajaj app. More and more people have many app like paytm g pay phone pe. People who use Bajaj app are those who work in Bajaj company and take loans. Mostly this Bajaj app is not developed yet.

Learn how to transfer money from Bajaj Wallet to bank account.

Step: 1

Click on the link given below and install the Bajaj app.


Step: 2

You need to login to the Bajaj app.


Step: 3

There is a Bajaj app home image and you have to select the option called pay wallet.


Step: 4

In the next image tell us how much money is in Vishnu’s wallet. Below that, they have given the option of send to bank, you have to click on it.


Step: 5

The amount you are going to register for Vishnu Bajaj app should be typed. Then below will be informed if Vishnu has already thought of bank details. If you don’t have a bank account, click on the add account option and add it to the bank account first. Click on add account and register Vishnu Bank account. Click on add account.



Step: 6

On this page, you have to fill in the bank’s information. You have to type the account number of the bank. Then you have to type the account number of the bank again. Then you will be asked for the IFSC code. You have to fill the IFSC line of the bank in which you have an account. Then write the name of the person in whose name the account is. You have to give a small box and click on all the save payee details and click on the proceed button below. Bajaj Wallet keeps your bank account securely linked.


Step: 7

The amount plus charging will be provided according to the amount you are going to buy and change the existing account. Then select the Transfer to Bank option below.


Step: 8

In good manner the confirmation of money transfer from Vishnu’s bank account Bajaj wallet will come. In this way, you can transfer the money in Bajaj Wallet to your bank account in a very simple way.




How to Transfer Bajaj Wallet to Bank Account


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