How To Fill UCO Bank Cheque With Example

How To Fill UCO Bank Cheque

UCO Bank


This new idea UCO Bank is a commercial bank and a Government of India institution. On January 6, 1943, United Commercial Bank was registered and established in Kolkata. Only highly experienced people are employed in this bank.

Opening an account with UCO Bank is very simple. The minimum age for opening an account in this bank should be above 18 years. The account opening charge of this bank is set at Rs 1000 for a rural bank and Rs 3000 for an urban bank. This amount will be kept as savings in your account. The bank pays interest on the money kept in your account once every three months. ATM cards provide a passbook for the customer to use the account as soon as the account is opened.

UCO Bank Cheque

A cheque book is issued only from the bank. We can use this cheque book in a very simple way. We can use this cheque to withdraw money from our account and transfer money to another account. There is no charge for instant access to this cheque book account. Thus, up to 20 leaves are given in a large cheque book. Most of the times when we want a second cheque, we go directly to the bank or you can get it through the website. There is a huge cheque book and the fee is up to 150 rupees. Up to 50 leaves are provided in this cheque book.

cheque should be used very safely. Because there are chances of the cheque getting bounced due to any number of reasons. A fee of 180 rupees is charged from the bank where the cheque is so returned. If we are going to give a cheque to the bank, before giving it to the bank, we should cheque that all the information asked for in the cheque is filled correctly. Make sure there is no foundation in the cheque. The cheque should be written without error. Do not wrap a chicken. Because there is a chance that the cheque will be returned while the cheque is being processed.

How to Fill the cheque

Step: 1

A cheque drawn on a bank.


Step: 2

When we process a cheque, we must write the date on which we process it. The cheque must be used within three months from the date of writing on the cheque. If not there are chances of cheque return. One of the most important is who we use a cheque. (For example, 13-05-13 TO 13-08-13)


Step: 3

If you are using pay, you should write self, if you are giving it to someone else, write their name clearly without errors.( Eg, Write the other person name T.SHRINIVASAN)


Step: 4

The amount should be written in words. (Eg, Write Six thousand four hundred ninety three only rupees line)


Step: 5

Number should write the amount. (Eg, Write the Box Rs.6493)


Step: 6

You should sign the cheque in the same way as you signed it when the account was opened. It is better to sign the reverse side of the cheque and write your mobile number. Because some times the bank manager will contact your simple method to know any information about the cheque.


You also process a cheque in this manner. It will be useful for you.

How To Fill UCO Bank Cheque

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