How To Fill The Bank of Baroda Cheque With Example

How To Fill The Bank of Baroda Cheque

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda is known as BOB. Bob is an Indian financial services company. Bob Bank is headquartered in Vadodara. Opening an account in this bank is very easy. Account opening minimum charges start from 500 rupees. ATM cards provide a passbook for customer use of the account immediately after opening the account.

The Bank of Baroda Cheque

A Cheque book is provided by the bank itself. This Cheque book is useful for withdrawing money from the bank and transferring money to other banks in a very simple way. This Cheque book is offered to only a few accounts immediately after opening the account. A few customer ask for this Cheque book and buy it. There is no charge for Cheque account purchases immediately after account opening. After that, they charge 100 rupees per Cheque and give 50 leaves on that cheque.

A Cheque must be processed carefully. Because there are chances that a Cheque will be bounced from the bank for some reason. A fee of 350 rupees is charged from the bank where the Cheque is issued. So watch the Cheque and use it carefully. When we use a cheque, we have to Cheque whether all the information asked in it is clear and then give the Cheque to the bank. For example, Cheque whether you have written the date correctly on a cheque, for whom you are using the cheque, how much amount you should write in word form and number form, and put the signature correctly. After seeing that all these are correct the Cheque should be given to the bank for processing.

How to Fill the Cheque

Step: 1

Only Cheque is issued from the bank itself.

Bank of Baroda

Step: 2

In a cheque, we should clearly write the date on which we are going to draw the money. For whom you are using this Cheque. (Eg, Date should be written date month year format 01-12-2016)

Bank of Baroda

Step: 3

If you are using your Cheque, you should type self otherwise if you are giving it to someone else, write their name clearly. (Eg, Write on the Self pay line)

Bank of Baroda

Step: 4

The amount should be written in word format. (Eg, write five thousand only in rupees line)

Bank of Baroda

Step: 5

The amount should be written as a number. (Eg, Write on the box Rs.5000/)

Bank of Baroda

Step: 6

You have to sign this Cheque in the same way as you signed when the account was opened. It is best to sign the back of the Cheque and put your mobile number for post processing. Because the bank manager can contact you in a simple way to know any information about Cheque. With this you can easily fill the Cheque and submit it to the bank for processing. (Eg, write on please sign above)Bank of Baroda

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How to Fill Bank Of Baroda Cheque:

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