How To Fill Punjab National Bank Cheque With Example

How To Fill Punjab National Bank Cheque

Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank is an Indian public sector bank headquartered in Delhi, India. This bank was established in May 1894. The bank is the second largest government-owned bank in India.

Opening a Punjab National Bank account is very simple. They offer account open charge from 500 rupees. This amount will remain in your account. In this way, the bank pays interest once every 3 months for the money in your account. Immediately after opening the account, ATM cards are issued to the customer to use the account in pass book.

Punjab National Bank Cheque

A cheque book is one that can only be purchased from a bank. This cheque book is very easy to use to withdraw money from your account or transfer it to other account. There is no charge for opening an account and immediate withdrawal of this cheque. This cheque is only given to a few account holders who open the account and issue it immediately. Sometimes a cheque is issued through the bank only when the customer asks for it. A fee of 150 rupees is charged for cheque the cheque for the second time. Up to 50 leaves are given in one cheque book.

A cheque should be used very carefully. Because there are chances of the cheque getting bounced due to some reason. A fee of 350 rupees is charged on such return. So before processing a cheque, it is better to give the cheque to the bank after checking several times whether we have filled all the information asked clearly in the cheque. A cheque must be written without any errors. A cheque should not be folded or squeezed. Because there are chances of return during cheque processing. After verifying all these a cheque should be given to the bank for processing.

How to Fill a cheque

Step: 1

cheque looks like this.

Punjab National Bank

Step: 2

The date on which we use a cheque should be written clearly. Because sometimes you can find information about that cheque in a very simple way by keeping the date. The cheque should be used within three months from the date of writing on the cheque. Otherwise there are chances of cheque return. (Eg, date should be written date month year 18102018. expiry date 18012019)

Punjab National Bank

Step: 3

You should write who you are using the cheque for, for example, if you are using a cheque, you should write self in the place of pay, if you are giving it to someone else, write their name clearly without error. (Eg, write their name Tanvi pannu in pay dash)

Punjab National BanPunjab National Bankk

Step: 4

The amount should be written in words. (Eg, write five lacs only in rupees line)

Punjab National Bank

Step: 5

Amount should be written as a number. (Eg, write on the box 500000)

Punjab National Bank

Step: 6

This cheque should be signed in the same way as you signed it when the account was opened. On the reverse side of the cheque, you must sign and write your mobile number. It will be very helpful to know any information about manager cheque in bank. This same day cheque is also processed quickly. (Eg, write on please sign above your sign)

Punjab National Bank

This is how a cheque should be filled. With this you process the cheque. It will be very helpful for you.

How To Fill Punjab National Bank Cheque

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