How To Fill Kotak Mahindra Bank Cheque With Example

How To Fill Kotak Mahindra Bank Cheque

Kotak Mahindra Bank


Kotak Mahindra Bank is an Indian banking financial services company headquartered in Mumbai. This bank was initially only providing financial services to everyone but now it is one of the growing bank. Account opening in this bank is done in a very short time by opening an account in a simple manner. The age of the customer should be more than 18 years in the account opened in this way. The account opening charge in this bank starts from ten thousand rupees. After opening the account, it is difficult to provide information about the account, ATM cards, passbook and cheque book.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Cheque

cheque books are issued by the bank only for a few accounts. Using cheque book is very easy. There is no charge when a cheque is redeemed after account opening. Then when you ask for a cheque book, you can directly go to the bank or give a record form through the website and get it. They offer 20 to 50 leaves per cheque. 100 rupees will be charged for re-receipt of this cheque book.

A cheque book is very easy to use and it is good to double check the cheque when using it. Because there are chances of cheque bounce due to some reasons. A fee of 200 rupees is collected from the bank where the cheque is returned. A cheque must be used within three months from the date of issue otherwise it is liable to be returned. Likewise, care should be taken not to overwrite all the information in the cheque without error. Write without any strokes. Do not fold or pinch a cheque. Because it is likely to be returned while processing that cheque.

How to Fill a cheque

Step: 1

A cheque can only be received from a bank.


Step: 2

We should clearly write the date on which we use a cheque or on which date we present it to someone. (Eg, Date should be written on the box date month year format 09-06-2018)


Step: 3

Write self if you are using the cheque or write their name clearly if you are giving it to someone else. (Eg, Write their name Arpen f.s pay line)


Step: 4

The amount should be written in a different format without error. (Eg, write two lakhs seventy five thousand forty five rupees only in rupees line)


Step: 5

The amount should be written as a number. (Eg, Write on the box Rs.2.75.545/)


Step: 6

The cheque should be signed in the same way as you signed it while opening the account. It is better to write your signature on the back side of the cheque and then write your mobile number. Because the bank manager will be very easy to contact you if he wants to know any information about the cheque. This will also speed up the processing of the cheque. (Eg, write on please sign above)


Thus the cheque is processed quickly. A check should be used to see all these.

How To Fill Kotak Mahindra Bank Cheque

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