How To Fill IndusInd Bank Cheque With Example

How To Fill IndusInd Bank Cheque

IndusInd Bank Ltd


IndusInd Bank is an Indian financial services company headquartered in Mumbai. The bank provides business and transaction services. Thus, not only the savings in the bank but also the option to accept some amount. This way you can earn more.

Account opening in this bank is done in a very short time. To open an account, one must be above 18 years of age. This bank has many types of accounts open from children to adults. We are paying in small amounts and this is an individual account. When a person does any business, they open a company account for the purpose of making large payments in that business or sending money from another company to their bank. For those who work in a company, their salary is sent through their bank account and they open a salary account for it.

The minimum charge for opening an account in a bank is Rs 2,500 for rural banks, Rs 5,000 for semi urban banks and Rs 10,000 for urban banks. The bank pays some interest on the money held in the account. Immediately after opening the account, passbook ATMs are provided by the bank. A Cheque book is sought after by customers for a number of reasons. Sometimes for some accounts this Cheque book is provided at the time of account opening. No charge will be charged for the first issued Cheque book. Later, when you need more, you can purchase the Cheque book through the bank or through any of the bank’s websites. A fee of Rs 150 is charged on such receipts.

IndusInd Bank Cheque

Cheque are used to easily withdraw money from the bank or transfer money from our account to another account or write a Cheque to someone else to withdraw money from our account. A Cheque is the simplest one we use. But that Cheque should be used very carefully. Because even if you don’t write anything on the Cheque or if you write something wrong, your Cheque will be returned and when it is returned, you will be charged a fee of Rs 350.

Let’s see how to fill IndusInd Bank Cheque

Step: 1

A Cheque is drawn on a bank.


Step: 2

First of all a Cheque should clearly write the date on which we are going to cash it or on which date we are giving the Cheque to someone. (Eg, Date should be written on the box date month year format 31-12-2009)


Step: 3

Then you should write self if you are using that Cheque in place of payee. If you are giving to someone else, write their name clearly. (Eg, Write their name Jitendra Mansukhbhai Patel pay line)


Step: 4

The amount should be written in word format. (Eg, write nine hundred ninety nine only in rupees line)


Step: 5

I want the amount as a number. (Eg, Write on the box Rs.999/)


Step: 6

When the account is opened, you should sign this Cheque in the same way. It is very good to put your mobile number and signature on the back of the Cheque because the bank can immediately call and ask for any information. Thus the Cheque is processed quickly. (Eg, write on please sign above)


You will surely find this information useful. A check should be used to see all these.

How To Fill IndusInd Bank Cheque

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