How To Fill Indian Bank Withdrawal Challan

How to fill Indian bank withdrawal challan

Indian Bank is run as a public sector bank.  Indian Bank is a common one for everyone. This bank is set up to treat everyone equally. Anyone can open an account in this bank. They convey all kinds of information to the people who come in search for them to understand. All the managers working in Indian Bank either directly ask for the difficult information they are looking for or give the information immediately after they ask for it. Indian Bank provides all kinds of facilities to all kinds of people. They report through the same mobile or directly. All this information is given to the customer without the customer asking for it. Sometimes all this information is communicated to the customer through SMS through their mobile.

Opening an account in Indian Bank is very easy. After opening the account, the deposit in the account must be paid by them through Challan. Sometimes the bank manager will tell you how to fill the receipt only for the first amount. We can know all the transactions in a bank at most through mobile. But the deposit is sometimes still a payment by receipt. How to fill with receipt can be seen in detail. When withdrawing money through receipt, the account holder must go to the bank. They will pay only after checking whether the bank account is in their name. You can directly buy the amount in hand as it is paid by receipt. This way you can spend money in a simple way. Receipt withdrawals are becoming less common these days. Only those who have a lot of money go directly to the bank and withdraw through receipts. Nowadays everything is arranged online.

See the receipt filling methods

Step : 1

This receipt is the only one issued by your bank. You cannot buy this anywhere outside. Bank manager will not accept it if you download and fill it through website. If this recipe is not kept in a separate counter in the bank, you can ask the bank manager to get it. The bank’s receipt will be as follows.

Indian bank
Indian bank

Step : 2

When you withdraw money through receipt, your passbook will definitely be required. Sometimes there are opportunities to ask someone whose account is their proof. Let’s see how to fill it. The date on which you are going to withdraw the money should be written correctly in this receipt. The amount should be written in Word form which may be Tamil or English. Then write the amount as a number. Then in the place where you have to write the account number, you have to see your account number correctly and write it without error. In this recipe you have to enter the correctness of how you have opened the account. Then add your signature. This signature should be the same as the one you signed when you opened the account.

Indian bank
Indian bank


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