How to Fill CSB Bank Cheque With Example

How to Fill CSB Bank Cheque


CSB Bank Limited

CSB Bank

Established in 1920 as The Catholic Syrian Bank Limited, CSB Bank Limited had modest beginnings in November 1920 and is now the oldest private sector bank in Kerala. It is a privatized bank.

Opening an account with this bank is very easy. By informing all the people about the bank in a simple way, they open the account and the minimum charge is 2,500 rupees in rural areas and 5,000 rupees in urban areas. Bankers will inform the customer visiting the bank about the products and offers of the bank in detail without the customer asking. ATM card passbook and cheque book are sometimes provided directly to the customer after opening the account and immediately using the required account. If it is very difficult to open an account and get it immediately, after informing him, they will do it or we can apply ourselves through the mobile app and get a check book connection. The cheque book so received is sent home by post to the address given for account opening in our bank.

There is no charge for the cheque book issued after opening the account for the first time. Later, those who want to buy a cheque book when they need it again can get it through the website or through the bank. 150 is charged by the bank for such a large cheque book. This amount is taken from your bank account.

Let’s see what are the reasons for a cheque to be bounced.

Once upon a time cheque was only owned by someone but now everyone can use it We transfer money by check so you can easily transfer without any fear. Using cheque is now an easy way for everyone. A charge of Rs.300 will be collected from the bank when the cheque is returned for any reason. This fee will be debited directly to your account and the chargers will be debited whenever you top up your account when your account is insufficient.

The reasons for the return of the cheque may be that they did not feel right or they did not write it or there is some typographical error in the cheque, the cheque is returned even if it is folded and it is returned even if it is folded. After all these you should clear your cheque as you see fit and give it to your account for processing.

Let’s see in detail how to fill a cheque

Step: 1

It is a CSB bank cheque.


Step: 2

A cheque firstly the date on which you are going to withdraw money or if you are giving to someone else that date should be written clearly without error.(Eg, Date should be written on the box date month year format 25-09-2012)


Step: 3

Then if you are using the cheque you should write self in pay and if you are giving to someone else then write their name clearly. (Eg, Write their name Roy Ang pay line)


Step: 4

Then write the amount in words. (Eg, write one crore twenty three lakh forty five thousand six hundred and seventy eight only in rupees line)


Step: 5

Write the amount in numerical form. (Eg, Write on the box Rs.1,23,45,678/)


Step: 6

Then write your signature clearly on the account. It is very important to put your signature on the back of any cheque you use and write your mobile number. (Eg, write on please sign above)


You will surely find this information useful. A check should be used to see all these.

How to Fill CSB Bank Cheque


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