How to Fill Axis Bank Cheque With Example

Axis Bank Ltd.


Axis Bank Limited, formerly known as UTI Bank. It is an Indian banking and financial services company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Axis acquisition is growing at a very large scale. In this bank all the bank managers provide proper service to all the customers. These banks provide account facility to all kinds of people as per their age. Separate savings accounts are set up for children and adults.

Account opening can be done instantly through digital direct. Axis Bank account starts with a low amount. At the time of opening the account, they are given an ATM card passbook. The Cheque book is provided depending on the service they provide in the account. Sometimes the customer asks for a Cheque book and informs the bank manager, fills the application form and buys it. Salary account is provided to the bank employee as soon as the account is opened, ATM card, passbook, Cheque book and all these are provided by courier.

We have a Cheque book which is given to us when we open the account and they provide us without any charges and it contains 20 leaf. Then if you go to the bank and ask for a Cheque book because you need a cheque, there is a charge of Rs.50 per cheque book 20 leaf. Every time you use Cheque leaf, your document is asked for any address proof to secure the Cheque .

A Cheque is a payment from one’s account to another’s account. The person who gives the Cheque is called the drawer. The payee of the Cheque is called the payee. When we give money to someone, when we give that money through a cheque, we give him that Cheque . This Cheque is signed by the drawer and he fills and hands over the amount he wants to give them.

This Cheque will not be accepted by the bank if you do not post any date on it. Then you have to use the Cheque within three months from the date of cashing otherwise the Cheque will not be accepted after three months.

The person whose name the Cheque is on can go directly to the bank and fill the Cheque with the amount they want to withdraw, and they can get the money in a very simple way. When giving one’s Cheque to another person, write the condition of the person to whom it is given and then the signature of the drawer must be signed on the first page and the second page on the back of the check.


Let’s see what are the reasons for a check to be bounced.

When I execute a cheque, is the Cheque date correct, is the account signature on the Cheque , is the Cheque written without typos, is his name correct, see all. The Cheque should not be folded or squeezed otherwise it will be returned. While filling a cheque, Cheque that all the information pertaining to the Cheque is correct and write it without errors. Charges are taken for Cheque return in the bank and that charge is taken from a minimum of 350 rupees. This amount is taken directly in their account. When it is withdrawn, when there is no money in the account, when money is deposited in the account, they take the corresponding amount.


Let’s see how to fill the check.

Step: 1

Axis Bank Cheque is like this it is a blank Cheque how to fill it can be seen in detail. While filling the Cheque it is very good that we prepare and fill our information first because there should not be any error in the check, if there is any error then the Cheque will be returned.


Step: 2

First of all, write the date on which you are going to pay the Cheque in the bank and withdraw the money. (Eg, Date should be written on the box date month year format 21-05-2019 )


Step: 3

Then write the name correctly. (Eg, Write their name Rakesh Kumar pay line)


Step: 4

Write the amount in letters, and write the amount in numbers. (Eg, Write Twenty six thousand five hundred only in rupees line and Write on the box Rs.26500/)


Step: 5

Finally, the Cheque should be signed in the same way as the person signing the Cheque . It is better if you sign the back of the Cheque and write your mobile number on it because if there is any error in the Cheque or if the bank manager needs any information, they will call that number and they will find out about their problem and this will speed up the processing of your cheque. You can make sure that there is no delay. (Eg, write on please sign above)


You will surely find this information useful. A check should be used to see all these.

How to fill Axis Bank Cheque:

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