How to Create Fake Bank Transaction Online

How to Make a Fake Bank Transaction

Fake Bank Transaction

We have been spending money from our own hands for our daily needs. A lot of changes have been introduced in the growing period. We used to pay from hand to hand for all our daily essentials such as groceries, tea shop, petrol station. In the growing era, payments were first made by swiping an ATM card.

And now more and more systems have been developed which have brought the facility of online payment. It is a method of preservation in a way. Because having cash in hand is not that safe. In the current times, people are living in a frenzy. Their time is wasted when they buy and sell at this time. And there is a lot of waiting time. So this online payment has been brought to make bill payment very quickly.

This online payment goes without much security. More and more people are transferring money through mobile. To pay the amount after buying the goods in a shop, one can pay online by giving the number of the employer of the company and can make the payment by scanning the QR line in which the payment is sent to his account and there are chances of non-payment.

If not, a QR code will be created and they will report that they have billed and paid through his account payment. And they have created a fake mobile application for this daily unnecessary payment method.

Through this the image is reported as having paid through any application. This affects the management of the store. This is very wrong. We should use online bill payment with care. How to fake image and method can be seen through the app.

Fake Bank Transaction

Step: 1

Prank payment is one app that pretends to pay someone without paying for what they have spent. It gives fake information about bill payment through g pay, amazon pay, paytm, phone pay. First of all Select the Paytm option to see how fake information has been provided and select Paytm option.

fake transaction

Step: 2

On this page, we have to type the name, phone number and the amount to whom we are going to pay and then we have to set the time when we are going to pay.

fake transaction

Step: 3

Click on the Advanced Settings option to display the amount of money in your wallet. Then click submit button.

fake transaction

Step: 4

The next image is the confirmation of your payment to whom you are paying his name mobile number time of remittance payment plus the amount you have sent. It shows fake information as real.

fake transaction

Step: 5

Similarly, if you click on the Amazon pay option, you will be asked for the same information. At the end, Amazon Pay will be notified as a confirmation of sending the transfer to Amazon.

fake transaction

Step: 6

Similarly, Amazon offers cash back gift vouchers, which also give fake information.

fake transaction

Step: 7

In the mode of sending money through G pay, the person to whom we are paying is their name, phone number, UPI ID, then the sender’s name, UPI ID, and the amount to be paid. Then click on submit button.

fake transaction

Step: 8

Image will be displayed for making payment through GP app. They show it at the place of payment and give fake information as if the payment has been made.

fake transaction

Step: 9

If you want to make payment through phone pay, you have to type the receiver name, receiver phone number, receiver bank name, last bank account number, 4 digit number, the amount to be paid and click on the support button below.

fake transaction

Step: 10

Then the payment information will be sent stating the name of that bank. Many people are using this fake information. How not to happen. Likewise, one should not deceive others. So be sure to pay carefully.

fake transaction

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