How to Close Bandhan Bank Account Online

Close Bandhan Bank Account Online


Bandhan Bank customers are opening bank accounts in large numbers. Some customers do not use bank accounts. A large number of fees are charged and added to the account. So customers think it is better to close bandhan bank account. Bandhan bank charges more charges from the bank when it is not used in the account.

Sometimes when someone else transfers money to that bank account, the amount is deducted from the fee. Sometimes the bank account is activated when it is not in use. Due to this no transaxon can be done. So if the customer thinks that he does not need a bank account, it is very good to close the account immediately.

Bandhan Bank Account Closure has been brought about in many ways.

Before closing bandhan bank account you should check whether you have taken any savings or loan from that bank account. Because sometimes if you have set up auto debit facility with this account it will be a problem for you. Therefore, whether it is a savings or a loan, it is very good to close the bank account after deciding to settle it.

First the customer has to inform the bank account closing information from his register email id and type the bank account number mobile number along with it and send it to ([email protected]) id. When sending in this way, within 24 hours a reply will be sent to your email, through which you can close your bank account.

Then go directly to the bank and meet the bank manager and fill the account closer form stating the reason for closing the bank account and record the letter written by the customer along with it. Then you have to submit the ATM cards, passbook, check book issued by the bank along with it.

A customer writing a closure letter can be seen in detail by going directly to the bank.

Bandhan bank account is now being closed by rajkumar he goes directly to the bank and writes a letter in written form to the bank manager to know the information to close the bank account.

In this he first writes to and puts branch manager and writes the address of the branch in which his bank account is.

He writes the reason for writing the letter by writing as subject, now he writes as close bank account because he is closing the bank account.

Respected Sir Madam  also explains the reason for writing the letter. He also registers the bank account number in it. Then he wrote that he will submit all these to the bank manager along with the debit and credit card passbook check book issued by the bank. Raj Kumar has written that if the bank has any money, it will be transferred to his new account.

Then write down his signature name account number the date on which we are giving the letter. In this way you can close your bandhan bank account directly by going to the bank. He can close your bank account in a very pleasant way


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