How to Change registered mobile Number in Canara Bank

How to change registered mobile number in Canara bank

Canara Bank is a well run bank. This bank makes it easy for people to open their savings account. It doesn’t take much time to give the customer the information they ask for immediately. This bank caters equally to the people who live simply and comfortably. Because of this, everyone likes Canara Bank and opens an account. This bank is mostly run by rural banks. To the uneducated layman they give the account information very simply. Every bank manager treats every customer like their own. So one customer goes to another customer and tells them to open an account with this bank and they will help you. New methods have been introduced to know all the information about Bank in a simple way.

A mobile number is set up for easy access to our bank details. This way we can know from where and when our given information. Mobile number is very important in these times. We can call the bank through mobile and ask for the information we need. This way you don’t need to wander around unnecessarily. That will save your time too. Canara Bank offers various offers. Not only the account Opening but also that. Your mobile number may be lost or you can use it to change your desired number.

How to Change Mobile Number.

If you go to a bank and tell the bank manager that you want to change the mobile number given in our account to another number, they will give you an application form for that. Just fill in your information correctly and they will transfer your mobile number. You should attach your proof with that form. If you have any Canara Bank app then you can login through that app and change your mobile number very easily.

We can see in detail how we can change mobile number through ATM machine.

ATM machine is not only for withdrawing money but also we can know our bank details in an easy way and then we can also change our mobile number in an easy way. For you to change your mobile number, the ATM machine must be the bank’s issuing machine. Also, if you are using that ATM card  for the first time, you should use it only in name bank’s ATM machine first. You can enter your ATM card or passbook through the ATM machine itself. You can ask the bank manager for all the information about how you can use the ATM machine and they will explain it to you in a simple way.

Step : 1

This image will appear after you swipe your ATM card in your ATM card machine. Click on the registration button.


Step : 2

The next image will ask you to enter your four digit password number. You must not tell anyone that number and you must not send this password to anyone.


Step : 3

In the next image you have to click on that button where you are asked the option to your mobile number registration.


Step : 4

After all these clicks you will be asked whether you are going to change your old number or set a new number. In that you have to click on the button Change old number.


Step : 5

Then it will ask you to type the old number to which number you want to change. After checking whether the number you have typed is correct, click on the correct button.


Step : 6

Then you need to type your new number and click on correct button.


Step : 7

After clicking on correct button you will be asked to enter your new number again and then click on correct button.


Step : 8

The transaction processing you reported will be waiting for a while.


Step : 9

The image will tell you that an OTP will be sent to your mobile number via SMS. You should send an SMS from your mobile number as per the instructions on how to send it. The SMS you send should be sent within four hours of receiving the SMS.


Then in 1 or 2 days you will receive a verification call from the bank on your mobile. They will ask some information about you and change your mobile number immediately.


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